Why choose electric radiators?

Replacing storage heaters or convector heaters?

Modern electric radiators are ideal for those who require an alternative to gas central heating. While night storage heaters are still the most common electric heating appliance used domestically in the UK, across Europe storage heaters have long since been replaced by electric radiators.

Electric radiators are quick and easy to install and offer advantages over many types of heating. For a more comprehensive comparison against different types of heating please see the sections below. You can click on the links to view the replacing storage heater comparison pages.

Convector heaters or panel heaters are also quite popular in the UK. As more apartments and flats have been built, the number of properties using convector heaters has increased. However, by upgrading to ceramic core electric radiators you can improve efficiency, warmth and impact your running costs.


Replacing storage heaters

Many properties that use electric heating will have night storage heaters installed. Following the second world war storage heaters helped to solve a problem with the power grid supply and demand by drawing electricity over night when demand was low.

By replacing storage heaters with ceramic core electric radiators you will be able to have thermostatically controlled, programmable heating when you want it, with even heat distribution throughout your room. For a more detailed comparison view our replacing storage heaters page.

Replacing convector heaters

Convector heaters heat quickly, but are poor at distributing heat throughout the entire room. If your home is heated with convector or panel heaters you may want to upgrade your electric heating to our ceramic core electric radiators which offer more control of temperature, precise programming and increase in comfort. The ceramic core distributes the heat comfortably around the entire room and the digital controls eliminate waste and improve the efficiency of your heating.


Installing ceramic core electric radiators

Installation of our EcoHeat ceramic core electric radiators is a simple DIY job. In this section you can see how to install your electric radiators with only a pencil, an electric drill and a screwdriver. Everything else you need is provided in the box. If you’re replacing a night storage heater, you can watch our “how to” video which shows exactly what’s involved.