Replacing Storage Heaters

Replace your old storage heaters with stylish, efficient electric radiators.

Night storage heaters work by heating a brick core contained within an insulated box to a high temperature over night. Each storage heater charges for 7 hours every night. Then once charged a baffle opens to allow the heat to escape. Users control the heat output by opening the baffle via a control on the storage heater.

Customers who use night storage heaters will normally be on a dual electric tariff, either economy 7 or economy 10. There are many variants on these electric tariffs, but essentially you will have a cheap off peak tariff which feeds certain sockets within your home, and a higher priced standard tariff for all other sockets in your house.

Typically, when we speak to customers wanting to replace storage heaters they are unhappy with the lack of control, that the heaters do not react to temperature changes and that by the evening the core has cooled and they need to use secondary heating. If you work 9 to 5 you may also be tired of heating your home while you’re out at work.


Making the change

Upgrading your storage heaters to energy efficient electric radiators is a simple process. As you can see from the video removing a storage heater is a simple job. Once you have installed the EcoHeat ceramic core radiators you will be able to heat your home in a more efficient, effective way in line with the latest guidelines. Our radiators only draw power when it’s needed based on the programme you set.

Thanks to the easy to use controls and accurate digital thermostat you will be able to set programmes that are specific to each room within your house. That makes for potential savings by only heating rooms such as your bedrooms to your comfort temperature when you occupy them and using the setback temperature when the rooms are not in use. You can eliminate waste heating from your home, reducing the electric consumption of your home.

EcoHeat electric radiators are far smaller than a typical storage heater and weigh much less too. Aside from the improved style of the radiators, you will notice an improvement in the heat delivery too. Storage heaters convect the heat around the room. Because of the strong convection current produced by the storage heater, many home owners complain of the air around their feet never warming. Our ceramic core electric radiators dissipate the heat in a different way, blending radiant heat and convection, just like a central heating radiator. This eliminates cold spots and improves your comfort.

Coming Off Economy 7

If you need any help or advice about changing your electric tariff from economy 7 to a standard tariff please contact a member of the team today. Many customers find that by changing their tariff to a standard single rate, they can save money on most of their electrical appliances in their home.

Changing is simple

  1. Contact your current supplier and ask to be removed from economy 7. With modern meters this can be done remotely. For older meters you may require a visit or to have your electric meter swapped to a single unit.
  2. Once swapped onto a standard tariff, use a utility comparison tool such as Money Supermarket to find the most competitive standard tariff available to you
  3. Swap your storage heaters. When removing storage heaters, always speak to a qualified electrician. They will be able to safely remove your storage heaters and wire in your EcoHeat ceramic core electric radiators.

Then enjoy the improved comfort of your new electric radiators. If you need any help or advice contact us on 01484 213151


Replacing Storage Heaters Safely

Some older storage heaters used asbestos as an insulating board. However, since 1974 asbestos has not been used. If you have any doubts about your storage heaters insulation type please get advice from a professional. You can find a list of models containing asbestos from online resources such as the Asbestos Information Centre.

Our modern electric radiators contain no materials which could damage your health. They are SGS certified for safety and are easy to install, programme and live with.