EcoSlimline 1500 watt

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The EcoSlimline range of electric radiators is new for 2016. Packed full of innovative heating features, the EcoSlimline range offers the instant heat of a panel radiator, coupled with the efficiency of a ceramic core. If you want an electric radiator that can quickly get the room up to temperature and maintain it economically, then the EcoSlimline range is perfect for you.

The Slimline 1500 watt is perfect for heating any room up to 18 square meters. If your home has stud walls or plasterboard walling there’s no issues in hanging these light weight (12.7Kg) radiators. Thanks to the responsive instant-heat element, your rooms will heat faster. Once up to temperature only the ceramic core maintains the temperature of the room, reducing the power draw and giving you the optimum running costs.