Product Features

Our ceramic core, the heart of our heating

Dual Heating Element

Encased within the ceramic core, the two electric heating elements ensure a rapid, even heat distribution. The elements are sited equal distances apart. The ceramic block is then bonded directly into the cast aluminium body of the radiator. Because of this, from the moment heat is required and the radiator draws electricity, the whole radiator will begin warming. This gives maximum surface area to deliver heat enabling you to warm your room quickly, silently and efficiently.

Cast Aluminium Body

Cast Aluminium Body

Whilst lightweight, it is extremely strong, durable and an excellent conductor of heat. By using cast aluminium for the body of our radiators, we can ensure that heat is quickly dispersed into the room. The heat will also be evenly spread across the entire body of the radiator. Aluminium is also very good at resisting oxidisation (rusting), which again means no risk of discolourisation whilst in your home.

Safe For Every Room In Your Home

All our radiators are SGS certified for safety. By achieving the SGS standard our radiators will meet each country’s local safety requirements. Additionally, our electric radiators are !P24 rated. So they are splash and dust resistant too. Make sure you seek advice from a qualified tradesperson when installing any electrical appliance in a bathroom.

  • Key lock to stop little fingers altering temperatures and programmes.
  • Secure wall mounting means that once fitted they cannot be knocked off.
  • Surface temperature safety cut out means that you can be assured the surface temperature will never exceed the advised limit.
Safe for every room in your home

Digital Control Unit

You can control the desired temperature for every 30 minute interval of the day. You can compose your own individual heating programme or use one of our 9 pre-installed ones. You have complete control over how your radiator works and therefore, cost of your heating. With the EcoWiFi you can monitor consumption in real time on your phone or laptop!

Accurate Thermostat

The thermostat constantly monitors the air temperature in the room and responds to changes. The thermostat is one of the most important components in your electric radiator. The level of accuracy within the digital control unit means your radiator will respond to temperature changes quickly, therefore optimising the consumption of electricity and minimising overheating and under heating.

Accurate Thermostat

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