Installing VeriSmart Electric Radiators

Installing our ceramic core electric radiator can be done in 6 simple steps.

  1. Select where you want your radiator positioning in the room.
  2. Use the bracket template to mark the drill holes.
  3. Drill your holes.
  4. Attach your brackets to the wall.
  5. Hang your radiator.
  6. Plug in, programme and enjoy the warmth.

Installing an electric radiator

If you’re using an existing electric socket you can begin to warm your home in 15 minutes with only a drill and screwdriver.

If you want wall mounted electric radiators make sure you have the correct fixings for your wall type. We provide rawl plugs and screws with each radiator, which are ideal for most masonry type walls. If you’re fixing your radiators onto a stud wall then make sure you’re using the correct fixings.

If wiring into an electric spur

For a really clean looking installation you may wish to wire your radiator into an electric spur. For this you should always consult a qualified electrician. If your home is in England or Wales you can check your tradesperson is listed on the competent persons register. In Scotland there’s a different scheme SELECT or you can check on NICEIC website.

If you’re using our electric radiators for bathroom heating you should always have the installation completed by a qualified trades person.

Want a portable heating solution?

If you want to use your electric radiator in more than one room you can use the optional wheel kit. By adding this to the radiator it will become floor standing and portable. This is ideal if you are not ready to permanently install the radiator, such as student accommodation or while you complete an extension to your home.