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For the last 10 years, every home, whether bought, rented or sold, needed to have an EPC or an Energy Performance Certificate. But, beware, as of 2018, if a home does not score and “E” or better, it becomes illegal to rent it out. This, however, is only for new rental agreements; if you have an existing one, you have until April 2020.

This literally means that if a home scores an “F” or a “G”, it either needs to improve or it has to be taken off the market, unless it qualifies for an exemption. The government has suggested a cap of 5 thousand pounds per home for improvements, but this may still be too expensive for many landlords who feel that they would have to increase rentals to cover this cost.  The government claims that the average that landlords are willing to spend per home is £1 800 per and some RLA figures estimate the actual costs to be around £7 200. At the moment there are over three hundred thousand homes that are rated “F” and “G” on the energy performance certificate, which are mostly Edwardian or Victorian homes.

People have definitely responded positively thus far with 1 in 4 landlords already having made energy efficient changes to their homes, with the average spend being well over £600. In the next few years the Government will be looking to up the pass mark from an “E” to a “C”.

VeriSmart Heating has an extensive range of energy efficient heaters, including their EcoSlimline range and EcoHeat range. The Ecoslimline design is one of the slimmest on the market, and yet does not compromise on performance. The key is in the ceramic core which helps to keep running costs low and aid is rapid temperature adjustments. Talking of slim, the price is also appealing, from only £199.99 including VAT and the swift service of next working day delivery.

The EcoHeat range, also with a ceramic core, sets the benchmark for radiators. Thanks to its ceramic core and it’s dual, encased heating elements, EcoHeat heaters can maintain a room temperature long after it stops drawing power. These start from £239.99.

Always bear in mind that the most effective way of preventing heat escaping from your home is to have it insulated first. Insulating well will ensure you hit the requirements for the energy performance certificate. It will also ensure that the goal of energy efficiency is met. Using storage heaters, then allowing the heat to leave an uninsulated environment will defeat the purpose.

Not all heaters heat the same. Visit our website at www.verismartheating.com to see a video that was filmed using thermal imaging, demonstrating the ability of our heaters compared with oil based ones.

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I am one of the co-owners of VeriSmart Heating. If you think all electric heating is the same, think again. Our ceramic core electric radiators work differently. Please watch our thermal imaging video which shows the difference, or get in touch to find out more. Connect with Louise on LinkedIn >>

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