Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the EcoSlimline and the EcoHeat?

The EcoSlimline radiators have two heat generating systems. The finned heating element dramatically increases the warm airflow from the radiator, producing a rapid warm up time when compared to fluid filled or pure ceramic radiators. This rapidly emits warm air into the room. The lightweight ceramic core with encased heating element has excellent thermal mass, keeping a room warmer for longer once up to temperature. The ceramic core is used to maintain the room temperature and works in conjunction with the finned heating element.

The EcoHeat radiators with its dual, encased heating elements can maintain a room temperature long after it stops drawing power.

In Short: The EcoSlimline and EcoCurve heat up very quickly but don’t stay warm for as long as the EcoHeat once it stops drawing power. The EcoHeat heats up slowly but releases the heat very slowly once it is stops drawing power.

When would you recommend an EcoSlimline vs EcoHeat and why?

We recommend the EcoSlimline and EcoCurve ranges for modern build constructions and the EcoHeat for older properties.

Tell me about the WiFi model (disabled)

Key features
Dry technology ceramic core, electric radiators. Wifi enabled which allows programming from a mobile app. Geolocation technology controls your heating according to the location of your mobile phone.

WiFi capability
The Wifi radiators require a SmartBox. One SmartBox can control up to 31 radiators. Several SmartBoxes can be managed by one app. If the internet connection is lost, the radiators continue to work and can be controlled using the digital panel. The max distance from the SmartBox to the radiator is 200m in open spaces And 30m indoors, where there are 2-3 walls.

Ceramic Core
As with all VeriSmart radiators, the ceramic core has high thermal inertia, keeping a room warmer for longer. Once up to temperature, the temperature is kept stable and comfortable using minimum energy consumption. The heating element is embedded within the ceramic block and has double thermal isolation Class II.

4 powers; 750 watts, 1000 watts, 1500 watts, 2000 watts
Comfort, economic and frost mode
Extra silent digital regulation with a Triac component
Digital, programmable control placed on top for ease of access
LCD screen
Temperature precision 0.1 deg c
Security thermal cut-off
Open window function
Voltage 220-240v. Frequency 50-60Hz
1.5m cable
Wifi capability
Wall mounting brackets included

How many EcoWifi radiators can I connect to my SmartBox?

Up to 32 electric radiators can connect to a single EcoWifi Smartbox device.

How do you adjust the heat settings?

Refer to the user manual.

Are the temperature controls tamper proof?

Yes, refer to instruction manual – Keypad Lock – this function prevents any change in the theromstat setting.  This is useful in areas such as childrens’ bedrooms or public areas.

Do both types of heater run off a 13amp plug?

Yes. 13 amps is standard UK socket.

How long is the electrical cord for the radiator?

1.5 m

Which side does the electrical cord comes out of?

Right hand side.

I ordered on Friday afternoon, when will I receive my order?

Orders placed after 12pm will only be processed the next day, therefore orders made on a Friday afternoon will only be processed on Monday and should be delivered on Tuesday (next business day).

Do your radiators work with Economy 7?

Our electric radiators draw on demand and therefore only require a standard tariff. For more information on replacing storage heaters please click here.

Can the electrical cord be extended?

Not yet.

Can the heaters be painted?

No it can not be painted.

Where are the radiators made and is spare parts available?

The radiators are made in Spain. We will swap out if there’s a prob. The guarantee on the electronics is 2 yrs. If it goes outside of the warranty period, we can replace the control panel for a small fee.

You list this heater as having a depth of 75mm. Is that the total projection from the wall? If not, how deep is it when wall mounted, including any gap between heater and wall?

The wall bracket adds 2 cm to the depth, so a total depth to the wall of 9.5 cm.

Is the fully body of the radiator aluminum or is any part plastic?

The main body is aluminum but the sides are plastic.

Can I change the temperatures manually?

You can alter the temps using the plus and minus keys either from a manual programme or from within a preset programme. If say you came home early from work and wanted to nudge it up using the plus key, it would revert to the programme the following day.

Can we Put Electric Central Heating in Regardless of the Carbon Footprint.? Or do we have to offset any solar or carbon compensation?.

Your questions below are topic of great conversation right now. The NEA has published a very interesting paper recently which I have attached for your reading pleasure.

There are talks about individual micro-generational levels being offset with solar power not being needed. Electricity is already being seen as a low carbon alternative as result of the decarbonisation projects already underway (because of our electricity coming from a windmill or another effective source of renewable energy).

Are the radiators suitable for bathroom use?

The EcoHeat, EcoSlimline and EcoCurve ranges are IP24 rated and are safe for bathroom use.  They may be installed in all zones of your bathroom, except for Zone 0.

The EcoWifi is IP32 rated and is safe for use in Zone 3 only.