How easy is it to replace a storage heater with your electric radiators?

Replacing a night storage heater with an EcoHeat electric radiator is really easy. Watch our video to see for yourself.

Always make sure you consult with a qualified electrician. Speak to a member of our team or check the Competent Persons Register in England and Wales for someone to help. Old storage heaters may contain asbestos. If you are unsure, please seek advice from a professional. The storage heater in this video weighed 122Kg and needs careful removal.

Can you deliver radiators in bulk?

Yes. Once you have ordered your towel radiators or electric radiators they will generally be delivered in one lot.

In the event that multiple electric radiators are ordered, we will place the radiators on a secured pallet. All commercial deliveries are managed by our chosen courier DPD. DPD will delivery to the main entrance of your delivery address. If you live in a high rise apartment or flat this means the ground floor entrance.

Do you have an electronic version of the installation manual?

The installation manual for our EcoHeat range of electric radiators can be found here.

If you are looking general information about our EcoHeat radiators and towel radiators please visit our product features page.

Are you able to install electric radiators in your bathroom?

Absolutely. Our range of electric towel radiators are specifically designed for installation in your bathroom with no disruptive plumbing required. Installation takes less than an hour and is incredibly simple. We also recommend installing a towel radiator wall control unit to control the heat in your bathroom with ease.

Electric radiators must be wired in by a qualified electrician in a bathroom.

Can you install a smaller radiator in a large room if you lack sufficient wall space?

We would never recommend installing electric radiators unless we believe their output would be sufficient to keep the room adequately warm. For rooms that lack wall space, such as attic rooms or outhouses and conservatories, we recommend purchasing an electric radiator EcoHeat & EcoWifi Wheels.

Purchasing the right size electric radiator with trundle wheels will sufficiently heat your room without having to take up wall space. If you are unsure on what size of radiator you need please get in touch to receive expert advice from VeriSmart’s sales team.

How much space should be left around each electric radiator?

Each of our electric radiators needs at least 15cm of surrounding space. If you are fitting your radiators underneath a shelf then please leave 35cm clearance from the top of the radiator to the shelf.

We recommend you check if you have adequate space before purchasing one of our electric radiators. If you are looking to heat an attic room or conservatory that lacks wall space, we recommend you EcoHeat & EcoWifi Wheels.

If you need advice on where to fit your electric radiator then please get in touch with our friendly team.

Does VeriSmart offer any discounts?

We offer year round deals on all our products, from our EcoHeat range to our collection of towel radiators. Keep up to date with our latest deals on our blog page, where we post updates of our seasonal discounts regularly.

Alternatively you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we often advertise our latest deals and discounts.

What is the best way to run your radiators?

All heating systems work most efficiently when running a programme which suits the needs of the occupier. Thankfully our radiators have 9 preset programmes to help you get the heat you want when you want it.

How long is the power lead and where does it come out?

Our electric flex power lead is around 1.5 meters long, which is ideal for electric radiators operating on EcoHeat & EcoWifi Wheels, allowing simple portability around your home.

The cable comes out of the right-hand side panel as you face the radiator which is just behind the control unit.

For more information about our radiators please visit our product page.

Why buy VeriSmart’s electric radiators?

The advantage of our electric radiators over our competitors is our revolutionary ceramic core. Ceramic is the industry leading material for heating cores, which is renowned for having many advantageous thermal qualities.

Our electric radiators heat quickly and emit heat over a longer period of time when compared to our competitors. VeriSmart’s range of radiators also respond to temperature changes quickly, adapting to your lifestyle.

If you would like to find out more about the many benefits our electric radiators then take a look at the product features here.

What kind of heat do your electric radiators give off?

Our electrical radiators give off heat that is identical to a boiler-based central heating system. The amount of heat our radiators give off is measured in watts, where a higher wattage figure determines how much heat each individual radiator can provide.

The smallest radiator in our EcoHeat range is the EcoHeat 500, which is suitable to heat a room up to 6 square meters. Our largest radiator, the EcoHeat 2000 can heat a room up to 24 square meters. To view our whole range of radiators click here.

Use our heating calculator to work out what radiators you need and get an instant quote.

Our radiators use a mixture of convected and radiant heat. Convection is where a current of hot air warms the air in the room. Radiant heat warms people or things next to it. Think of the heat you feel coming off a bonfire. This is radiant heat.

What are VeriSmart’s radiators made from?

The body of all the electric radiators in the VeriSmart range is made from grade cast aluminium. This ensures they are light yet strong enough to take the knocks and bumps from the hectic family life. The aluminium is powdered to give the best protection to the aluminium and UV stability to stop yellowing from sunlight, which is especially useful in a conservatory with many windows.

Our heating core is made from ceramic which is well-known for having many beneficial thermal qualities. VeriSmart’s ceramic cores are the industry leader in thermal heat technology.

VeriSmart only use manufacturers that are SGS certified and implement rigorous safety measures. You can be sure our radiators are built to be safe and efficient.

What pre-set programmes are available with VeriSmart’s radiators?

Our range of EcoHeat radiators come with 9 pre-set programmes with the potential to add 4 personalised programmes to work around your lifestyle. Each radiator can be individually programmed to run as a standalone unit or part of set by each using the same programme.

Do VeriSmart’s radiators come with warranty included?

All of our radiators come with a 10 year standard warranty for the body parts and 2 years warranty for the electronics. This applies to our EcoHeat range of electric radiators and our collection of towel radiators.

To talk to a member of the VeriSmart team about our warranties then click here to find our contact details.

Where are your radiators made?

VeriSmart’s range of towel radiators and electric radiators are manufactured in Spain and have an excellent pedigree in building high quality heating products. SGS certified and with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing electric heating products, you can be assured the radiator you receive will manufactured with the highest degree of quality.

They also manufacture the range of added extras we offer such as the EcoHeat & EcoWifi Wheels and our towel radiator wall control units.

How much electricity will these radiators use?

Our radiators are economical to use. To ensure the best possible running costs you should make sure you are running a programme that meets your personal heating needs. As the radiators are thermostatically controlled you are ultimately in control of how much they will cost to run.

What happens if I order more than one radiator?

Your radiators will still be delivered by DPD. If needed, to ensure safe delivery, they may be put onto a pallet.

Do you provide pro-forma invoices?

Absolutely. If you require a pro-forma invoice then please contact our sales team on 01484 213151 or email us at info@verismartheating.com. For more information you can find our full contact details here.

Are you able to set up a trade account with VeriSmart?

Once you have placed your first order from our range of electric radiators, you can set up a trade account with VeriSmart where all your details will be saved in our secure server.

Can you pay by BACS or bank transfer?

Yes. Once you have selected your product from wide selection of radiators, please contact us on 01484 213151 and place your order over the phone with our sales team. All transactions are secure and all you require is your account details to hand.

Once you have made the transfer shipping will commence as usual and you will be dispatched as if you paid through our website.

How quickly can you get the radiators delivered once the balance has been paid?

If you order before 12:00 we will process your order for next day delivery. Any orders placed after 12:00 will be processed the next working day.

Provide us with your mobile number and DPD will text you updates of where your parcel is and when you can expect delivery.


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Any other questions please call us on 01484 213 151