VeriSmart EcoHeat 1000 watt ceramic core electric radiator wall mounted

Our electric radiators are all simple stand-alone appliances, so they can be installed just about anywhere in your home.

As they don’t require any pipework, and don’t rely on a central boiler, you have the freedom to install an electric radiator anywhere you see fit.

Each of our electric radiators is equipped with a 1.5 metre electric flex, and they can simply be plugged into any regular electric plug socket.

Should you have a particularly chilly bathroom, our appliances can even be wired into an electric spur under the guidance of a qualified electrician.

Our electric radiators are also the perfect heating solution if you’re thinking about building an extension in your home, as they require no pipework and aren’t tied into the water  system.

However, it’s important to remember to leave a 15cm gap around the radiator. And should the appliance be situated under a bookshelf for example, be sure to leave a 35cm gap so as to ensure an efficient method of heat dispersal.

We’d also advise against installing a small radiator in a large room as it would have to work too hard to heat the entire room, and negate the energy-saving benefits of the appliance.

But in general our electric radiators offer you the freedom and flexibility to significantly reduce any cold spots in your home by providing a consistent and efficient heating system.

And finally, it’s important to remember that all of our electric radiators feature a user-friendly thermostat so that if one particular room gets chilly on an evening, you don’t have to heat the entire house in order to ensure that the room becomes cosy and comfortable.

For a full list of FAQ’s please visit our dedicated page.

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I am one of the co-owners of VeriSmart Heating. If you think all electric heating is the same, think again. Our ceramic core electric radiators work differently. Please watch our thermal imaging video which shows the difference, or get in touch to find out more. Connect with Louise on LinkedIn >>

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