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Are you off the gas grid? Maybe you have just moved into a new flat or you live out in the countryside and you are wondering how to heat your home without mains gas. You are not alone. According to Government figures in 2007, half a million postcodes were off grid. In urban areas with no gas, 90% of households rely on electricity for their heating. Night storage heaters are still the most common form of electric heating used domestically in the UK. However, due to recent changes in legislation many storage heaters have been discontinued. This is because they don’t have the controllability of modern electric radiators.

Direct electric heating, the simple affordable option

Perhaps you are looking for an economical solution for your electric heating or perhaps you are looking to replace your old storage heaters that do not suit your lifestyle. We understand the challenges you face. There are a myriad of possibilities such as heat pumps, biomass etc. But for many, the capital outlay is prohibitive and some properties are just not suitable for such solutions. Direct electric heating provides a simple and affordable option for many properties who don’t have access to gas.

Some older terraced properties still have no central heating. You may be wondering whether to invest in a new system or whether to choose electric instead. Not only are electric radiators cheaper and easier to install but the future of gas is uncertain. There are targets in place to decarbonise the heat supply, which would mean finding an alternative to gas in 20,000 properties a week for the next 20 – 25 years! The electricity sector has made significant strides towards a low carbon future, with the amount of energy being generated by wind and solar increasing all the time.

Electric heating has a bad reputation for being expensive. Unfortunately, many people have had bad experiences with storage heaters and cheap convector heaters, and think that all electric heating is the same. Some heaters are more efficient than others in the way that they work. That is why certain types of heaters were discontinued from January 1st 2018. To ensure that your radiators are energy efficient you should check that they are Lot 20 compliant. To learn more about optimizing running costs read more.

What makes an electric radiator energy efficient?

Modern electric radiators are

  • fully programmable, so that you can heat your home when you need to (not when you are out at work!),
  • they have a thermostat on each unit meaning they can respond to changes in temperature in each individual room in the house,
  • they have open window detection so that you will not waste energy if you accidentally leave a window open, and
  • the latest wave of electric radiators have Wifi capability, meaning that you can control them remotely from your smart phone or computer.

So the improved control that modern electric radiators offer, means that they are an efficient and economical choice.

Monthly Energy Consumption

This slideshow demonstrates how much energy the 750w radiator draws every day during the month of January 2018. The room temperature was set to 19 degrees between 6pm and 6am and 10 degrees during the day.

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Which type of electric radiator should I choose?

There are many different types of electric heating. Below you can see a summary of the main advantages and disadvantages.

ConvectorCheap to buy
Easy to install
Low thermal inertia
Expensive to run
May not be Lot 20 compliant
PanelCheap to buy
Easy to install
May be more expensive to run
StorageMay work out cheaper for the elderlyMay not suit lifestyle for working families
Difficult to install
Uses more energy than required
May not be Lot 20 compliant
CeramicEasy to install
High thermal inertia
Mid price range

Electric radiator vs convector heater

A convector heater is usually a cheap unit with open elements. When the elements heat up they warm the air, which rises in convection currents. Because they lack mass, once the element is switched off it becomes cold very quickly. See here. For this reason, they can be very expensive to run and should only be used as a temporary solution for a short period of time.

A panel heater is similar to a convector heater, in that it mainly uses convection currents to heat the space. They are usually a bigger unit and more attractive. They may look very similar to electric radiators, but the difference is they have an exposed element just like the convector heater. They will get warm quickly but as soon as the power is turned off the unit will cool down rapidly. See here.

Storage heaters became popular after the second world war to help solve a problem with the power grid supply and demand by drawing electricity overnight when the demand was low. The heat is stored in the bricks within the heater and then dispersed the following day. By replacing storage heaters with ceramic core electric radiators you will be able to have thermostatically controlled, programmable heating when you want it, with even heat distribution throughout your room.

Our Electric Radiators

EcoWifi Electric Radiator

EcoWifi Range

The EcoWifi Electric Radiator models are the perfect solution for busy professionals on the go! Not sure when you’ll be back from work? No problem. Switch your heating on from your phone. And no more surprise big bills. Keep track of your consumption with real-time data on the app.

EcoHeat Electric Radiator

EcoHeat Range

The EcoHeat range of electric radiators is ideally suited to older properties with solid walls due to the thermal performance of the ceramic core. The EcoHeat features twin heating elements embedded within the core. The effect is a comfortable release of heat, long after the radiators have stopped drawing power.

EcoSlimline Electric Radiator

EcoSlimline Range

The EcoSlimline range of electric radiators features a Slimline Design, ceramic core and a finned heating element. If you have a modern property with good insulation then the EcoSlimline is right for you. This radiator is quick to heat up, comfortable to use and simple to programme.

Towel Radiators

Electric Towel Rails

Our Electric Towel Rails are the perfect solution for airing your towels or warming your ensuite. They are IPX4 rated, so are perfect for installing into bathrooms. With the optional control unit you can have increased efficiency and comfort.


Why VeriSmart Heating?

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At VeriSmart Heating we believe in offering all our customers affordable, reliable warmth. Because we help so many customers with so many different property types we can help you;

  • choose the best electric radiator for your house or flat
  • improve the running costs of your electric radiators
  • programme your radiator to improve your comfort

We offer a 2 year warranty on the electronics and a no quibble swap out during the warranty period.

We believe that affordable, reliable and sustainable warmth is a basic human right and therefore we are supporting UN Global Goals 7; affordable clean energy and Goal 12; responsible consumption.

We’re not just about great electric radiators, we care about our customers too.

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