Electric Radiators vs Storage Heaters


When it comes to heating our homes, we all want to make sure that our heating systems are cost-effective and energy-efficient. For that reason, many people are looking to replace storage heaters.

Unfortunately, many houses have night storage heaters that were designed in the post-war period, and as such they offer a very old-fashioned way of staying warm.

Night storage heaters aim to take advantage of off-peak energy pricing plans by drawing upon the cheaper night-time rates, which then release the heat throughout the day.

Unfortunately, as these appliances have no control over how they release heat, they can often run out of energy later in the day which can result in some chilly evenings.

And the special energy tariffs that night storage heaters use can often lead to increased costs for energy usage in daytime hours, as this is when the majority of households use kettles, cookers and other energy-hungry appliances.

As night-storage heaters are factory-programmed, their method of heating goes against guidelines set by the Energy Savings Trust. These guidelines suggest that all of our heating appliances should be easily-controlled in order to avoid energy wastage and save pennies too.

Thankfully, electric radiators are much more versatile as they feature user-friendly thermostat controls that make sure that energy is drawn only when you need it.

So rather than waiting for your night storage heater to release heat according to the factory pre-sets, you can quickly and simply heat your home at the flip of a switch.

Such a method of staying warm is much more cost-effective as you are now free to choose when each room is heated courtesy of a simple timer that can easily be customised to suit your individual needs.

Electric radiators also enjoy the benefit of being able to direct heat in a much more modern manner than night storage heaters, which rely on a convection method that can often lead to cold air currents circulating around the floor.

The modern electric radiators are also attractive, slim-line, and easy to install. So you’ll not only be able to place the radiators according to your needs, but you’ll gain a good deal of extra space too.

So if the idea of an energy-efficient, cost-effective and flexible way of heating your home sounds good, then invest in an electric radiator and stay cosy throughout the year!

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