EcoWifi Electric Radiator

The EcoWifi Electric Radiator features dry ceramic core technology. Its WiFi capability allows you to control your programming and heating preferences from the comfort of your smart phone or computer. Our EcoWifi radiators come in a range of outputs from 750- to 2000-watts. This means we have a radiator in any size to meet with your room heating needs.



Every radiator in the range contains a heating element encased in a ceramic block. These VeriSmart EcoWifi Radiators are manufactured without using any fluid inside. It is beautifully presented in a cast aluminium frame with an epoxy finish to withstand corrosion.

Wifi app

The VeriSmart EcoWifi combines the efficiency of our EcoHeat range with amazing controllability via a WiFi application on your smartphone. You are also able to access your application by logging in from any computer. The application allows you ease of control of all VeriSmart EcoWifi radiators in your home.

Heating Element

heating element

Thermal inertia is provided by the blocks of high-performance refractory material incorporated in the core of the conventional aluminium radiator. Ceramic radiators have high thermal inertia meaning they continue to emit heat long after they stop drawing power.

Technical Details

Watts Suitable to heat (m2) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Number of Fins Electronic & Body Warranty
Poor Insulation Good Insulation
750 5 6 W: 370
H: 582
D: 82
5.75 4 2 years
1000 10 12 W: 505
H: 582
D: 82
8.7 6 2 years
1500 15 18 W: 635
H: 582
D: 82
11.5 8 2 years
2000 21 24 W: 760
H: 582
D: 82
14.8 10 2 years