EcoHeat Electric Radiators

With its ceramic core, the EcoHeat range sets the benchmark for electric radiators

We all want the same things from our electric heating. Maintain a comfortable temperature without consuming too much electricity. Thanks to its ceramic core, the EcoHeat Electric Radiators range with its dual, encased heating elements can maintain a room temperature long after it stops drawing power.

EcoHeat energy efficient electric radiators

How does the electric radiator thermal mass help you keep warm for longer?

This is a question we’re asked time and again. The common wisdom is that all forms of electric heating are 100% efficient so they all heat in the same way. While the efficiency point is correct, the truth is that how the heat is emitted is crucial.

Perhaps the best way to show this is through a comparison video. We filmed the cooling of two radiators, our ceramic core EcoHeat and an oil filled electric radiator. We have made this video using a thermal imaging camera, designed to show the heat. The film is time lapsed to condense the time and the results are clear. We’ve repeated this test with convector heaters and cast aluminium radiators and the results are always the same.

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by Andrew Penny on EcoHeat Electric Radiators
Competitive Prices & Low Running Costs

Very pleased with the Heating Solution VeriSmart Heating provided me with for my 'off grid' home-great quality Rads at a competitive price with low running costs. One very happy customer.