EcoCurve Electric Radiators

EcoCurve Electric Radiators

Introducing our new EcoCurve Radiator – a timeless and sleek new radiator that exudes elegance. A perfect addition to any home or office! This curved model has up to date features which will give any room the perfect temperature, whilst being slim enough to fit seamlessly onto any wall without interfering with your room design.

VeriSmart Heating EcoCurve Electric Radiator


EcoCurve Heats Up to 24 Square Metres

Heats up to 24 m2

Our EcoCurve Radiators come in a range of outputs from 500 to 2000 watts. This means we have a radiator in any size to meet with your room heating needs. It can heat up a room up to 6 to 24 m2.

EcoCurve Slim & Smart

Slim & Smart

EcoCurve, is one of the slimmest radiators on the market which is cast with an aluminium body and a light weight ceramic core with encased heating and finned heating element. It is also smart enough to detect an open window.

EcoCurve Programming System

Programming System

With an easy functioning 9 pre-set programming system, allowing you the freedom to heat your room with ease during any time of the year.

Technical Details

Watts Suitable to heat (m2) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Electronic Warranty Body Warranty
Poor Insulation Good Insulation
500 5 6 W: 370
H: 582
D: 82
5.75 2 years 10 years
1000 10 12 W: 505
H: 582
D: 82
8.7 2 years 10 years
1500 15 18 W: 635
H: 582
D: 82
11.5 2 years 10 years
2000 21 24 W: 760
H: 582
D: 82
14.8 2 years 10 years

EcoCurve Range

Choose perfection from our EcoCurve range, the ideal way to avoid high energy costs, without compromising style and heat.Each electric radiator features a light weight ceramic core with an encased heating and finned heating elements. This combination will give you the correct temperature adjustments at a fast rate without hitting your pocket. Performance has been enhanced by precision, smart features and an ‘eco’ compatibility.