About Us

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Want to find out more about us?

VeriSmart was founded by Louise Broom and Stewart Donnor after leaving their respective jobs working in the heating industry. Louise’s background involves science and research and Stewart has spent many years a consultant for a number of large companies focusing on operational efficiencies, customer experience and quality enhancement.

Throughout their careers, they have worked with a number of big-brand manufacturers, dealing with a vast number of products. With their hands on experience, they were able to identify the very best electrical radiators on the market.

In 2015 they decided to start VeriSmart to put the missing link in place. Quality. VeriSmart’s ceramic core radiators don’t require heating oil or a gasket, which makes them safe and reliable to use. We’ve worked with our trusted manufacturing partners to create an affordable, premium electrical radiator at a market leading standard.

We established our business with our customer needs at the heart of it and we will continue to build our business by putting our customer’s need first.

Affordable, reliable warmth

After setting up VeriSmart Heating we wanted to create a strap line which encompasses our values. Affordable, reliable warmth covers our key values.

We want to offer our customers the very best electric heating at affordable prices, but also ensure that the information we give allows our customers to make informed choices about how to run their heating system in the most efficient way possible for their individual needs. We use ceramic core radiators as we feel this offers an additional level of reliability to our product.

Our SGS safety certificate in an independent award showing how safe our radiators are, a sign of our reliability. Finally warmth. We want our customers to not only feel the warmth from our products, but also through their interactions with our family’s business.